Brighton Central School District Registration Information

    Below you will find the information required to register your children in the Brighton Central School District.  You must obtain the required documentation to begin the registration process.  Only residents of the Brighton Central School District may attend Brighton Schools.

    Required Documentation

    Proof of Age – Evidence of your child’s age is required. (For example but not limited to: Birth Certificate, Consulate Identification Card, Passport, School ID,  Health records,  State or Other government-issued ID)

    Proof of Custody (if applicable) – If the child’s natural parents are not together, or child is living with other persons, documentation is requested proving custody and/or primary residence of this child.  

    Proof of Residency - Students must reside within the Brighton Central School District boundaries with their biological parents or legal guardian, or, meet other residency requirements such as a foster child, adoption, emancipation (other situations may apply).

    • Sending a nonresident student to a school district without proper residency status is not permissible under New York State Law.  The BCSD reserves the right to investigate all situations in which residency is not properly documented, and is required to prosecute any violation of the district's residency policy to the fullest extent of the law.

    In order to process your child’s registration efficiently, please read the portion that applies to your situation and provide the correct residency documentation.

    • Proof of ownership- suggested but not limited to:
      • Mortgage statement, tax bill or deed, along with two pieces of U.S. mail with your name and Brighton address listed.
      • Accepted purchase offer if ownership is pending. Occupancy must occur within ninety days of the date on the purchase contract or tuition may be charged. Once the sale is completed, proof of ownership must be provided to the Registration Office (closing statement, deed, HUD-1 settlement statement, mortgage statement)

    • Proof of tenancy:
      • Signed rental/lease agreement with the child’s name included as an occupant. If the child's name is not on the lease, a letter from owner/landlord stating the child is residing with you, accompanied with the lease, is necessary. 
      • Two pieces of U.S. mail with your name and Brighton address are also required with your lease.

    • Proof of shared residence:
      • If you are living in the District with a relative/friend, a notarized affidavit from the owner of the property is required. (We can provide you with this form if necessary). Proof of ownership may be requested.
      • If you are staying in a property that is leased/rented, a copy of the lease with ALL tenants listed is required. 
      • In addition to the notarized statement you must also provide at least two pieces of U.S. mail with your name and Brighton address. 


    There are two ways to register with the BCSD

    1. Below you will find the Brighton Registration form. Please complete this form.  Collect proper documentation and call or email the Registration Department to set up an appointment.  Email: or phone: 585-242-5200 X5580.
    2. The second way to register is to use our Online Pre-registration process. Please follow the link below to begin the registration process.  You must upload proof of age and residency to utilize our online system.  Once complete, our Registration Department will follow up with further information.

     Online Pre-Registration                

    After you have completed the District pre-registration process, please call our District Registration office at 585-242-5200 x5580 to setup an appointment to continue the process.  After the District office meeting, an appointment at the school your child will attend will be required.  See below for the school information and the required list of school documents. Hard copies of the documents are available at the District office.


    School Building Registration-required documents/information

    1. Immunization Records:  
      • A listing of minimum immunization requirements for entrance into NYS schools can be found online at Please note the district does not provide immunizations. If your child has not had these immunizations, please contact your physician or the Monroe County Health Department, 111 Westfall Road, Rochester, NY 14620, phone (585) 274-6148.
    1. Academic Records:
      • Transcript (high school students) or most recent report card and standardized test scores from your child’s previous school are required. If you have a copy of these records, please bring them to the school.
      • Please inform the school if your child has been receiving Special Education services such as an IEP or 504 Plan. If you have a copy of these records, please bring them to the school.
      • ENL (English as a New Language) evaluation, if applicable.
    1. New Student Screening (to be performed by Brighton Central School District personnel):
      • Academic screening in the areas of math, reading and writing may be required if the student is coming from a private or parochial school outside of the Brighton School District OR from any school outside of New York State.
      • ENL (English as a New Language) screening is required for those students who are limited or non-English speaking.
      • Screening is required for all students K–2.