Technology Education

  • What are the parts of the ozobot?

    What is a sensor?

    What does a flashing red light mean?


    How do I calibrate the ozobot?

    How do I command the ozobot using lines and colors?


    On the handouts:

    Put your name and seat number on each sheet

    1) Use the black maker to trace the path on Handout 1.

    2) Follow the directions on Handout 2 to trace corners.

    3) On Handout 3, use the color markers to fill in the codes.

    Look up the codes in the packet in your box.

    Make a prediction about what will happen.

    4) Calibrate the ozobot using the black dot half-sheet. You and your partner will take turns with the ozobot, following Handouts 1, 2 and 3.

    5) On Handout 6, make a code map to go from HOME to SCHOOL using the color codes and your markers.

    6) If time, you and your partner may use the ozobot on the map you have made.

    7) Any arguing means YOU LOSE YOUR OZOBOT!






    5th Grade: Computer Programming (Masz)

    Select Clever app

    Log in with email ( and lunch number

    Select BrainPOP

    Put on your headphones

    Click on Notifications, select the first assignment, watch the movie, take the quiz and play 

    Blockly Maze game




    3rd and 4th grade: Computer Programming

    Select Clever app

    Log in with email ( and lunch number

    Select BrainPOP Jr.

    Click on your assignment

    Put on your headphones; watch the movie









    Get to my webpage:

    Click on Google Chrome chrome

    • Google chromechrome  to

    • Our schools -> FRES -> Teacher Pages -> Harp


    1) Scratch tutorial

    Click on this link to access Scratch 

    • scratch

    • Select "Getting Started"

    • Click Sign in at the top right corner

    • Your username is lastnamefirstinitialyear

    • Your password is your lunch number

    • When it shows your class, click Get Started

    • Fill in the information and click Next Step

    • Select Go to Class

    • Click Create on the blue stripe

    • Click Tutorials on the blue stripe

    • Watch the “Getting Started” tutorial 


    2) Keyboarding Games

    a. Nitrotyping

    Nitrotyping race

    b. Cup Stacking

    c. Keyboard Ninja

    d. Dance Mat Typing 

    e. Popcorn Typing


    3) Try solving the Rubik's Cube

    Rubik's Cube





    5th Stream Study PowerPoint Requirements

    6 slides that cover the following topics:

    1) Where are we going?

    Powder Mills Park Map

    Add pictures of the park and fish hatchery

    2) What are the big issues there?

    a) Black bears

    Black bear sightings



    b) Ticks that make you sick

    Types of ticks in NY and where they are

    Tick Claymation

    How to prevent getting a tick

    Tick Comic

    What to wear

    How to get rid of a tick once it's on you

    Tick movie


    c) Leeches

    Google chrome -> Clever -> Discovery Education -> assigned video on medical leeches

    d) Macro invertebrates

    water flea

    Additional Things we need to make:

    Warning PowerPoint for ticks

    ID cards for ticks

    Posters for macroinvertebrates

    Collection jars for the nurse



    5th Grade Civil Rights


    The Civil War ended April 9, 1865 when Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomattox Courthouse.

    lee surrenders

    The slaves were officially freed in December 1865.



    Segregation in the United States

    A. Watch the following BrainPOP movies, take a quiz on each one and submit it to KB-Tech 5 – Harp:

    1) Jim Crow,

    2) Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka

    3) Jackie Robinson


     B. Answer the following questions

    1) What were the Jim Crow laws and what did they do?


     2) What does “separate but equal mean”? What did the Supreme Court decide about it?


     3) Who was Jackie Robinson and why is he important?


     C. Go to the PBS app:

    1) Watch Freedom Riders: Freedom Riders Challenge Segregation

    2) Get there by: Google Chrome -> Clever -> sign in with email -> PBS apppbs


     D. What did the freedom riders do and how did they do it?


     E. Read the book about the Greensboro sit-in by yourself or on Youtube at:

    1) What type of strategy did the four friends use?


     2) Who were they following as their leader?






    Getting ready for Friday May 24

    Background Research for Esperanza Rising                                                   Name: ____________________________

    1) What was the housing like for Esperanza’s family?


    2) Are there migrant workers now?


    5) Watch the Rochester news about migrants




    6) What have you learned about migrant workers from studying Esperanza Rising? Why are they doing migrant work and what does it do for them?

    7) Example of Mexican ballad: Mexican ballad

    How did Esperanza’s family keep their culture alive?


     9) Does this image and information change your perception of Marta in Esperanza Rising? How?


    10) If you have time, watch

    about a person who lived through the Great Depression and became a leader


     Grades 3 & 4: Bird Identification

     A) Basic Shape


    1) woodpecker 2) owl 3) hawk 4) duck 5) goose 6) gull 7) sparrow


    B) Bird Sounds

    Go to BrainPOP: Google Chrome chrome  -> Clever -> Log in with email -> BrainPOP moby

    Type Bird in the Search Box

    Watch the Birds Movie

    Take any quiz

    Submit to teacher: KB-Tech-Harp

    Game: Bird Song Hero

    Game: Beast Box  - use the birds!



    Google Chrome ->Clever -> log in with email -> Discovery Ed appdisc ed

    Watch the video and complete the worksheet: Compare and Contrast Burrowing Owl vs. Barn Owl

    • Animal Behavior: Owl Cam (Video Segment)
    • Breaking Trail: Burrowing Owl (Full Video)
    • Approaching an Owl Burrow (Video Segment)
    • Owl pellet (Image)
    • Rotate Your Owl (Video Segment)
    • White Owl preying on snake (Image)
    • Bird: Owl : Calling (Sound Effect)
    • Nocturnal Raptors: A Look at Barn Owls (Video Segment)


    Google Chrome -> Clever -> PBS Apppbs

    Type owl in the Search box

    • Owls Science Trek

    • Feeding Injured Birds

    • Outdoor Nevada: Burrowing Owls

    • Ready2Read Goes Wild: Learn about owls

    • See What makes Owls so Quiet and Deadly

    • No more cages: Wild Kratts

    • Birds of Prey: Science Trek

    • Fun with Raptors: Wild Kratts


    MyOn project on Owls

    Google Chrome -> Clever -> log in with email -> MyON app -> Owls - Grades 3 & 4


    Cornell Lab of Ornithology

    Barn Owl

    Burrowing Owl

    Audobon Society

    Barn Owl slideshow

    Barn Owl Information

    Burrowing Owl slideshow

    Burrowing Owl information









    Name:  ____________________________                           

    Comparing and Contrasting Burrowing and Barn Owls

    Watch the videos about two different types of owls. Write 3 facts about each type of owl.

    Then put 2 facts they have in common in the middle area where the circles overlap.



    Yellow Warbler bird guide


    How to use binoculars

    Merlin App


    Merlin app

    The app asks the date and location, the bird’s size and color, and what the bird was doing. 


    For Human Rights Day - May 24

    1) Watch BrainPOP movie: Great Depression Causes

    2) Take any quiz 

    3) Submit to KB Tech 5 Harp

    4) Google Chrome -> Clever -> sign in with email -> Discovery Education app discovery ed

    Take notes on the Great Depression (Lanovara) or the Dust Bowl (Rauscher), answering the following questions:

    What was the event?

    Who were the people involved?

    Where did  it take place?

    When did it happen?

    To what extent were people involved (small or big problem)?


    5) FRES Library website -> Encyclopedia Brittannica online

    Beware "Reading levels" on top



    Holocaust: Gottfried, Lanovara, Vordonis, Giordano

    World War II: Eden, Giordano

    The Great Depression: Lanovara, Widor

    Anti-racism: Masz

    Immigration:  Giordano

    Dust Bowl: Rauscher




    Natural Resources

    1) Go to BrainPOP:

    Google Chrome -> Clever -> sign in with email-> BrainPOP moby

    2) Type Natural Resources in Search box

    3) Watch  "Natural Resources" movie

    4) Take any Quiz.  Submit to teacher KB-TECH Harp

    5) Scroll down to Game Up

    6) Choose Sortify 

    7) Put your highest score and name on Post-It

    8) Start a PowerPoint with 5 slides titled: "How to be awesome at Sortify: Natural Resources"

    A) Strategy slide

    B) Content slide: Ask  and answer a question based on the game: "What is a Mineral?"


    Image result for what is a mineral for kids

    9) Play the game again and add to your slides

    10) Share with





    OR: Read books in MyON about recycling:

    advanced books




    Must have 4 ideas, your name, teacher's name and date.

    Share with


    Where does salt come from?


    Theme song:

    Going Green




    3R  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

    Google Chrome -> Clever -> sign in with email-> BrainPOP Jrbpjr

    Type Reduce in Search box

    Movie is "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle"

    Any Quiz -> Submit to teacher KB-Tech Harp

    Game controller-> Drag and Drop game

    Read recycling Books in MyON:
    basic books

    Make a one slide poster about Earth Day and the 3R's



    "Things I want to learn from Earth Day" from assembly, movie or game

    Must have 4 ideas, your name, and homeroom teacher's name.


    Share with


    Where does salt come from?

    Theme song:

    Going Green


    Earth Slide Show

    National Geographic Slideshow





    Google Chrome -> Clever -> sign in-> BrainPOP -> Type Robot in Search box

    Watch movie and take either quiz

    Submit quiz results to KB Tech Harp on drop-down


    Introduction to Ozobot

    Watch Ozoblockly Tutorial

    Ozoblockly Game

    Shape Tracer

    Shape Tracer 2

    Read 1 robot book on MyON or a library book

    Meet the ozobot evo and bit

    Meet evo and bit

    Last 5 minutes: Robot Theme Song or

    Robots taking human jobs?  Click on DARPA



    After break


    Coding with lines and colors

    Coding with Ozoblockly on the iPads
















    The Arctic

    arctic  North Pole 90 degrees North of the equator (=0°)  (latitude)

                                                                                   Arctic Circle is not fixed; today it is 66°33′47.5″ North


    Q1. What is the northern-most town on earth?

    Svalbard Norway


    Q2. What is Aurora Borealis? Click Here to Find Out

    aurora borealis

    Where could you travel to see the Aurora Borealis?

    Where to see Aurora Borealis


    Q3. Where do the Inuit live?

    Inuit Nunangat

    includes land, ice and water

    Q4. What is a beluga?


    Studies Weekly


    Q5. What are the Top Ten arctic animals?

    Top 10 Arctic Animals


    Q6. How do animals adapt to the Arctic?


    arctic marine life

    Understanding Polar Bears and Ice

    Arctic Adaptations

    What is krill?


    Q7. What is the Arctic Food Web

    What is the Producer?

    New top predator?

    Killer Whale?



    Q8. What is the difference between the Arctic and Antarctic?

    Ted Talk on Arctic vs. Antarctic


    Q9. What is Hibernation and Camouflage?

    1) Log in using Google Chrome. Select Clever.

    2) Select BrainPOP Jr. annie

    3) Type Hibernation into the search box. Watch the movie and take notes as you watch. 

    4) Take the review quiz.

    5) Click on Games and play the hedgehog game.

    6) Watch the Camouflage movie and play the game with the hidden animals.



    Grade 5: What is the Tundra? What is Hibernation? What is Camouflage?

    1) Log in using Google Chrome. Select Clever.

    2) Select BrainPOPmoby

    3) Type Tundra into the search box. Watch the movie and take the review quiz.

    4) Select Primary Source under the Tundra movie. Look at the 2 pictures online and fill in the worksheet.

    5) Click on NewsELA and change the reading level to 730 on the drop down in the right top corner. Read the article and fill in the sheet.

    6) Type Hibernation into the search box and watch the movie. Take notes on the page about Hibernation.

    7) Take the review quiz and play the 2 games.

    8) If time:  Watch the Camouflage movie on BrainPOP Jr and play the game with the hidden animals.

    9) OR: you may read what it is like to travel to the North Pole


    10) Investigate the mystery predator









    Robot Arena 

    Hour of Code

    Virtual VEX robot


    Activity 1 Practice:

    1. Left-click to grab and rotate the robot 
    2. Right-click will allow you to move the robot around
    3. The mouse scroll wheel will make the robot bigger and smaller

    Activity 2:

    1. Run the program

    2. Look at the Blockly area

    Activity 3:

    How to turn the robot


     In Clever, choose CODE then Minecraft



    3rd Grade 


    password = lunch number 

    1) Double-click Google Chromechrome  

    2) Clever  

    3) Click on the flag  flag  

    4) Log on with email 

    5) KWT app


    6) From Clever choose BrainPOP Jr BPJR

    Select MyBrainPOP

    Arctic Habitats Assignment

    Movie and Review Quiz

    7) From Clever choose MyON 

    Grade 3 and 4 Arctic Habitats and Animals project

    8) Compare the poles using PBS

    Compare the Poles

    9) Log off using the Windows keywindowsflag the gray bubblehead and Sign Out 


    4th Grade Logon



    password = lunch number


    1) Double-Click on Google Chromechrome

     2) Clever 

    3) Click on the flagflag

    4) Log on with email

    5) KWT app



    6) From Clever choose BrainPOP  moby  

    Select MyBrainPOP

    North Pole Assignment

    Movie and Review Quiz

     7) From Clever choose MyON

    Grade 3 and 4 Arctic Habitats and Animals project

    Take notes in your packet

    8) Compare the Poles using PBS

    Compare the Poles


    9) Log off using the Windows key windowsflag , the gray bubblehead and Sign Out


    5th Grade Logon


    password = lunch number

    1) Double-Click on Google Chromechrome

    2) Clever 

    3) Click on the flag flag

    4) Log on with email

    5) KWT app


    6)From Clever choose BrainPOPMoby

    North Pole Assignment

    Watch the Movie and take the Review Quiz

    Gather information concerning environmental threats at the North Pole 

    Frozen Moby

    7) From Clever choose PBS pbs

    Arctic Ecosystem

    Choose an animal to research and present.

    Discuss how climate change affects that animal

    8) Compare the poles using PBS

    Compare the Poles




     1) Interesting facts about clouds

    Clouds: It's okay to be smart

    2) Digital Citizenship Advice

    Zach Marks' video

     3) Song and cartoons

    a. Theme song

    b. Privacy











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