English as a New Language (ENL)

  • Students in all grades for whom English is not a native language are evaluated for assistance in a federal and state mandated program called English as a New Language. In this program, students with beginning to advanced English skills are helped to understand, speak, read and write English and learn more about American culture while sharing their own by working with the ENL instructors.

    ENL services are provided in a variety of ways in Brighton. At the elementary level, ENL instruction takes place outside the regular classroom, ahile at the middle school and high school ENL may be taken in place of a regular English class. At the high school however, ESOL is taken most often as a supplement to the students' the regular English courses.

    International Club provides BHS ENL students, foreign exchange students, and other interested students with opportunities for social programs and sharing of cultures with the entire school community.

    To contact the ENL Teachers in each of the buildings review the grade levels and e-mail addresses below: