REVIEW & Topic Outlines

    MidTerm Topic Outline - Below
    Use the following links for additional Test Prep & Regents Review:

    NYSED - Past Regents Exams (Past Regents Tests, Answer Booklets, Keys, Scoring Charts)

    Interactive Regents (Past Exams)

    Earth Science Regents Practice Tests with Feeback (Keep track of progress, and if you make an provides an explanation of question).

    Earth Science Regents Diagrams - Organized by Topic

    100 Illustrated Ways to Pass the ES Regents (Charts/Diagrams/Animations, Practice Ques & More!)

    Earth Science Fact Sheet (Summarized Fact Sheet with Diagrams)

    NYS Regents Prep (Not all topics are included)

    Other Test Taking Tips/Strategies:

    *  Pace Yourself...take time each day to study.  Possibly a topic a day
    *  Create an outline for each topic
    *  Create Flash Cards - include key vocab and/or diagrams, main points from topics
    *  Study with a buddy (pick someone that will actually work with you!)
    *  Use the Internet...there are so many online quizzing resources, games, images...
    ** Use past exams to help you evaluate areas where you need to clarify your answers
    *  Use Resources Available to You - your review book, text, teacher, castle learning, review past HW/labs
    * Create Reviews for the Topics you want to focus on in Castle Learning
    ***** USE YOUR BFF - the ESRT!

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