Course Outline

  • Regents Earth Science

    Mrs. Roth

    Rooms 458




    Welcome to 8th grade!

    Earth science in the 8th grade is an accelerated course, meaning there is a great deal of materials that needs to be covered, and the concepts and expectations are more challenging than other courses.  Upon successful completion of the Regents Exam at the end of the year (score of 65% or higher), you will earn 1 high school science credit.  Students are required to complete labs to be eligible to sit for the exam – so completing all work, on time is an essential component of this course. 









    • Writing Utensil

    • * 5 Pencils to leave in class

    • Scientific/Basic Calculator

    • Optional:  Folder & Some Loose-Leaf paper

    • Optional: Earbuds




    • Earth’s Changing Environment

    • Motions of Earth, Moon, and Sun

    • Energy in Earth Processes

    • Insolation and the Seasons

    • Weather

    • Water & Climate

    • Weathering, Erosion & Deposition

    • Rocks and Minerals

    • Earth’s Crust & Interior

    • Geologic History

    • Landscape Development




    • Be on time

    • Come prepared, ready to participate.  Tablet Everyday!

    • Turn in all assignments on time

    • Respect others and their right to learn





    There are a variety of assessments we will be using throughout the year.  These include tests, quizzes, labs, projects, homework, and other classwork assignments.  Grades for assignments/tests are posted to Parent Portal (typically bi-weekly). 




    Tests/Quizzes/Projects                          80%


    Labs                                                       10%

    HW/Classwork                                        10%












    HOMEWORK:  Homework is NOT ACCEPTED LATE for credit (unless there is a legal excused absence – then assignments are expected to be completed as soon as possible).  It will be assigned almost every day on Castle Learning, the assignment is unlocked and open from the moment it is assigned, and then closes at the beginning of the next class. 




    LABS :  Labs are NOT ACCEPTED LATE for credit and are due at the beginning of the next class after they’ve been assigned (Unless otherwise stated in class – a few labs run across multiple classes).  Labs that are late/incomplete still need to be completed/submitted as part of the LAB REQUIREMENT to be able to take the Regents in the spring. 




    Be responsible to make note of and keep track of your assignments and when they are due.  Students can decide if keeping track on their tablet or using a planner is best – but whichever they choose, they will need to use it daily!  Complete topic assignment sheets will be posted in OneNote.




    Extra Help –10th period is the designated time where students can schedule time to meet with me.    Whenever possible, schedule to meet ahead of time to be sure I am available to specifically meet with you. 




    ** If students have issues with any assignments – it is BEST to see me in person – and not to solely rely on email as the means to communicate.  It’s a great backup – but SEE ME IN PERSON – ASAP!!