Course Outline

  • Physical Science Class


    Mrs. Roth

    Room 458


    Welcome to the 8th grade! 

    There are two goals for science this year: to serve as a final culmination of your middle school science curriculum, and to prepare you for your high school science courses.  To have a successful year in science that is filled with meaningful learning, you are expected to play an active role in how we as an entire class construct knowledge in this course.  Science is challenging, rewarding and can be a great fun!       


    The 8th grade physical science class will prepare you for the Intermediate-Level Science Examination (the State 8th grade science exam).  This exam will include material from the past few years, including biology, earth science, chemistry, and physics.  This exam will be taken near the end of May.



    • Measurement
    • Motion
    • Forces
    • Work
    • Buoyancy
    • Power
    • Simple Machines
    • Energy
    • Waves
    • Magnetism


    • Be on time 

    • Come prepared and ready to participate.  CHARGED Tablet Everyday!

    • Respect others' right to learn

    • Turn in ALL assignments on time - It's late if it doesn't come to class with you



    • Writing Utensil
    • * 5 Pencils to leave in class
    • Scientific/Basic Calculator
    • Folder & Some Loose-Leaf paper
    • Optional:  Earbuds



    There are a variety of assessments we will be using throughout the year.  These include tests, quizzes, labs, projects, homework, and classwork.  Grades for assignments/tests are posted to Parent Portal (typically bi-weekly). 


    Tests/Quizzes/Projects                                        80%


    Labs                                                                     10%

    Homework/Classwork                                           10%







    Homework Assignments/Labs/Projects are NOT accepted late for credit.  If they are not turned in at the beginning of class that they are due, are considered late and WILL NOT RECEIVE CREDIT.



    Assignment Overview

      Homework is assigned daily, so YOU will need to pay attention and keep track of assignments.  Homework is not accepted late for credit.  It is your responsibility to check OneNote assignment sheets/write down your assignments and keep track of when they are due. 


    **** Assignments are posted in several places: the assignment sheet in your OneNote and posted in two places in my room. 


    Labs will be performed during each unit.  You and your lab group will be responsible for completion of all labs assigned.  Labs are an important component to this course and you are urged to complete them thoroughly and on time, otherwise it can have a significant impact on your understanding and grade in this course.  Not accepted late for credit. 



    Extra Help 10th period is the designated time where students can schedule time to meet with me.    Whenever possible, schedule to meet ahead of time to be sure I am available to specifically meet with you. 


    Tardy Policy

    If you are late to class w/o a pass you are Tardy.  There will be a sign-in sheet at the door of my classroom.  Come three times without a signed pass – you will be assigned an after school detention