Advanced Chemistry

  • Advanced Chemistry

    Advanced Chemistry Curriculum

    Also known as "Introductory to Physical Science" (IPS), this course is designed to give students basic knowledge of physical science and offer them an understanding of the methods by which scientific knowledge is attained. The course is especially designed for those following an accelerated pathway in Science and Math.

    The central theme will be the search for evidence of an atomic model of matter. This is accomplished through student experimentation and guided reasoning on the results of such experimentation. Thus, laboratory experiments comprise the bulk of the class text. The conclusions and understandings achieved as a result of doing these experiments become essential components of the course. As a result, the course is almost entirely lab-driven.

    Advanced Chemistry will use pre-lab, lab, and post-lab discussion techniques to cover the material in the text. The experiments are supplemented with resource reading as well as Blue Box Question Assignments. Some of the topics included in this program will be:

    • Volume and Mass
    • Characteristic Properties of Matter
    • Solubility 
    • Separation of Mixtures
    • Compounds and Elements
    • The Atomic Model of Matter and the Periodic Table




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