• This website is a great resource to use to check what's for homework in my science and social studies classes.  Of course, it's not the only way to find out about homework! 

    When the students arrive in my class each day, the agenda is written on the front board; the homework is always posted on the board too. I explain the homework to students in the beginning of class and always give them time to write it down.  Late homework is accepted for partial credit in social studies, so it is better to submit it late, than not at all. However, in science, late homework is not accepted because we correct it together in class the next period. Punctuality is stressed in order to promote learning and participation.  

    Students are reminded of long term due dates as needed. Parent/Guardian signatures are often required on long term assignments and ay earn extra credit on five week (mid-quarter) grades.

     A student's assignment notebook is the key to completing homework assignments carefully and on time! The assignment notebook also helps to maintain organization and inform parents of the homework that is due. Parents/Guardians should check the assignment notebook every night to ensure the student is keeping up with work. It is an effective means of communication between teacher and parent-- via notes and messages about student performance.  Feel free to drop me a line at any time!

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