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    On behalf of the TCMS Home and Career Department, I would like to welcome you to 8th grade FACS!  Eight grade is a great time to learn about skills that will prepare you for life and help you connect what you learn in ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies with the real world. We apply the core in our classroom daily!

    Family and Consumer Sciences is the program umbrella under which Home and Career Skills is taught. At the Middle Level, Home and Career Skills is organized around four process skills: communication, leadership, management, and thinking. Home and Career Skills is a course of instruction designed to prepare students to be competent, confident and caring in managing his/her personal and career life in a changing global society. In order to accomplish these goals, the class is designed to apply knowledge gained from research in many disciplines to the practical concerns of individuals and families.

    Our 10 week curriculum includes:

    •  Food Labs:safety, sanitation, group collaboration, mise en place

    •  Nutrition
    • Function of Ingredients
    •  Workplace readiness and transferable skills; perseverence
    •  Career Connections: Research Career Clusters and options

    •  Resume Writing and the application process

    •  Mock Interviews

    • Money
    • See Schoology for more detailed information

    I hope this gives you an overview of our 8th grade program. If you have any questions, please feel free email me at .

    Thank you-

    Ms. Amy Moran

    Career and Technical Educator

    Family & Consumer Sciences,  MsEd 

     ** Please refer to Schoology for due date and detailed syllabus information**





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