• Today you will learn your way around the Food Lab, more about Mise en Place, CAYGO and tools that you will use for each Food Lab !  Pay close attention... we use these methods each LAB!  Please fill in the worksheet that goes along with each station. Some stations include videos and some are hands-on activities.

Kitchen LAB Orientation Stations

  • Station #1

    Now that we've discussed the 6 common types of kitchen hazards (Cuts, Falls, Fires, Burns, Poisoning, Electric Shock) watch this video and record how many you see.

    Station #2

    Mise En Place Documentary.  These are actual college students at Delphi College in the Catskill Mountains. They are part of a Hot Food Team at the Culinary Arts School. Listen and be inspired!


    Clean As You Go or CAYGO, is the mantra that we use in  Lab in addition to Mise en place.  Remember, these are skills you will use for life and can share these at home.

    Watch video for examples of how this works in preparation for your first lab.

    Station #3

    Watch the video three times.  The first time for info, the second time record all the kitchen tools/appliances you find and the third time for possible accidents or ways they were practicing good safety. Mise en place ? CayGo? 

    Station #4

    How to Measure accurately for a positive end product

    Station #5 Safe Food Handling and Practices



    Chicken Handling:


    Station #6

    Open the attached file and use the format on the guide to decide who will do what jobs on your first lab

    Food Lab Worksheet Instructions

    Cookie Chemistry TED TALK...a wee little video with a power back of information! Wowza!