Knife Skills Lab

  • 25 Classwork Points Knife Cuts Definitions and Practice

    Today students will first be introduced to knife skills by watching a series of short videos and working with the teacher (see below)
    Johnston & Wales Culinary Knife Skills: THE CLAW!!

    How to Slice Carrots:

    How to Julienne:

    Dice Celery:
    Chop Onion:

    Chop Celery:

    Mince Garlic:

    After watching the videos students will define a variety of knife cutting terms used in the culinary world.    Students will then practice the cuts using constrution paper.  They will tape their papaer examples of the definitions onto the back of the definitions page and turn it in.  If students do not finish this activity in class it will be homework.  They can use the Cooking Terms from , What's Cooking America or The Food Prep Terms Glossary to find the definitions.
    Bobby Flay-- Just for fun! This is to show what years of hard work and practice produce. This is a an example of a Master Chef!

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