How to Thread a sewing machine - How to Thread a bobbin

    How to wind and load a bobbin:

    How to thread a sewing machine:

    How to reverse or lock stitch on straight stitches!

    How to thread a needle and knot thread:
    Simple way to sew a button with a shank:
    Hand sewing a button with Jenny T"
    Art of Manliness: garmet repair in steps
    How to use a sewing machine basics!

    Hot Dog Pillowcase:  FUN & Unbelievable!
    Tutorial #1

    Tutorial #2

    French Seam

    How to Make a French Seam

    Probably the most elegant – and feared – of seam techniques is the French Seam. This technique is great when you need to hide your seams, such as curtains or a patchwork scarf. When you look at the finished seam, it’s hard to understand just how it is done, but the basic process is really quite simple.

    1. Place fabrics with wrong sides together.
    2. Sew along side where you wish your seam to fall.
    3. Trim the seam allowance to 1/8”
    4. Turn the fabrics along the seam so that the right sides are together. Press the seam.
    5. Stitch along the seam with a 3/8” seam allowance.
    6. Turn the fabrics right side out and press.

    Tutorial #3 With French Seam!

    Travel Pillowcase Tutorial:French Seam too!




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