How to Thread Machines and Identify Parts

  • Sewing Lab Parts and Functions Practice

    Basic Parts and Functions: Learn where the basic parts are located and what they do. Listen to this video. Use your diagram and study guide to gain understanding. Then, you should be able to go from machine to machine and identify the parts and functions on each different make & model. You may do this with a partner that you can work with productively.

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    Threading your upper thread

    How to Thread Upper Guides on the Singer Scholastic:

    How to Thread the Upper Guides on the Finesse & Dressmaker machines:

    How to Thread the Janome HD 1000 Upper Guides:

    How to Thread the Janome MyStyle 100 Upper Guides:

    Now you are ready to wind a bobbin.  Use your thread and a metal bobbin (unless you sew on a Janome --- then you need to use a plastic bobbin. ) You will turn your bobbin in at the end of the sewing unit).  Keep your thread and wound bobbin in your supply bag please.

    How to insert and remove a front load bobbin -- Janome

    How to Load  the Bobbin / Lower thread on the Janome Machines:

    How to Load top loading bobbin and bring up bottom thread: