Mock Interview Prep

  • Welcome to class! 

    Today you will ...

    • Review what laws apply to teenagers regarding work
    • Fill out an application in preparation for your Mock Interviews
    • Discover the Do's and don'ts of the interview process
    • Practice Proper hand shake and eye contact ...why is this important?
    • Critique the Good Interview Bad Interview
    • You will have time to practice with a partner the last 15 minutes of class.
    • Your Mock interview will be: 
    • January 14th Wednesday for A day students   OR  January 15th Thursdayfor B day students!

    **Anyone who did not Finish their resume/application before break. You NEED TO do so by Thursday! Please see me about an afterschool time. 

    Preparing for the First Interview: Do 's & Don'ts

    Please watch these short clips .  For each clip you should answer a KWL  What did you know? Want to Know? What did you Learn

    1.Quick Tips

    2. No Experience Teen Interview questions : "Why should I hire you?" Tell me about yourself. "What are your strengths? Weaknesses?"

    3. How to "Mock Interview"

     Do's and Don'ts of Mock Interview

    4. Keep it Positive...Honest, but always Professional!  Team Player....

    5. Teen Job Interview Attire



    What do you think? 

    How does this NPR story motivate you about going to highschool?

    How does this NPR Story correlate to what we are learning about in our Career Connections unit.  What makes a does a good employee?

Mock Interview Participants

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