Media Literacy

    Have you ever purchased something you really didn't need because your favorite celebrity was selling it or it promised to transform you in some way?  

    We are subjected to thousands of mediated images each day.  They flash by us so fast that we have no time to think about them.  They are carefully crafted to be felt. They tap into our emotions - fear, insecurity, sentimentality, prejudices. Sometimes media does more harm than good. However, one way to recognize harmful media is to become media literate - for us to recognize the personal and societal consequences of irresponsible media messages and media consumption. 

    In this unit you will explore a variety of media such as print advertisements, billboards, radio, television, video games, magazines, and product packaging. You will deconstruct media in a variety of ways using critical thinking, inference skills, and by analyzing the use of persuasive techniques. Your final assessment will be a creation of your own advertisement in one on the aforementioned categories.  

    COMPARE and CONTRAST Two Magazine Covers
    Use the handout file attached below to complete this assignment!

    HINT:  To enlarge covers, use the CONTROL key and the + key on the keyboard to enlarge your screen.


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