What Can Parents & Students Do?

  • What Can Parents Do?

    Show you think education and homework is important.
    • Set a regular time for homework.
    • Set an example by reading and writing yourself.
    • Stay in touch with teachers.
    • Be sure your child is rested and has a good breakfast on the days of the assessments.
    • Monitor assignments.
    • See that the assignments are complete and on time.
    • Check for teacher comments on returned assignments.
    • Provide guidance.
    • Be sure that your child is an active and engaged listener.
    • Be sure your child can follow written and spoken directions.
    • Be sure that your child knows what it takes to do a good job.

    Talk to your child’s teacher if a problem arises.

    What Can Students Do?

    What can students do to prepare for the New York State assessments? It is important to remember that these are NOT grade level assessments! They are assessments to see what students have learned about reading, writing, math, social studies and science since they began school in kindergarten. In order to prepare for these assessments, students should comply with the following guidelines.

    • Read at least 25 books a year.
    • Write 1,000 words a month.
    • Practice listening and following directions (both written and oral)
    • Practice math facts and concepts.
    • Come to school everyday rested and ready to learn.