What does AT look like at Brighton?

  • What is Assistive Technology Service in Brighton?

    "Any service that directly assists a child with an identified need, in the selection, acquisition, or use of assistive technology tools. The term includes:

    a)      Through the “Assistive Technology Referral Process,” the building AT team will help you identify possible strategies, interventions, applications and/ or devices.

    b)      The Assistive Tech team will help you move through the continuum of Least Restrictive to Most Restrictive solutions

    c)      Support strategies will encompass the following types of interventions:

    Light Tech: Non electronic, relatively accessible and simple to use.  Examples include: pencil grips, magnifying glass, raised line paper, visual schedule (This is the least restrictive approach)

    High Tech: These are generally electronic and require careful planning.  These often require progress monitoring.  Examples include: Software applications (i.e. Clickr 5, CoWriter, Write Out Loud, ProLo Quo)- This is the most restrictive approach

    d)      The team will help with selecting, designing, fitting, customizing, adapting, applying, retaining, repairing, or replacing assistive technology devices; The team will focus on simple solutions that move through the continuum.  The goal will be to identify solutions that will easily fit into the student’s routine The less you mess with the routine, the better chance you have of successfully integrating that solution