SETT Framework

  • When considering AT, we use the SETT Framework:


    The SETT Framework for Considering Assistive Technology




    What does the student need to do?

    What are the student’s special needs?

    What are the student’s current abilities?



    What materials and equipment are currently available in the environment?

    What is the physical arrangement? Are there special concerns?

    What is the instructional arrangement? Are there likely to be changes?

    What supports are available to the student?

    What resources are available to the people supporting the student?


    What naturally occurring activities take place in the environment?

    What is everyone else doing?

    What activities support the student’s curricular goals?

    What are the critical elements of the activities?

    How might the activities be modified to accommodate the student’s special needs?

    How might technology support the student’s active participation in those activities?


    What no-tech, low-tech, mid-tech, and high-tech options should be considered when developing a system for the student with these needs and abilities doing these tasks in these environments?

    What strategies might be used to invite increased student performance?

    How might these tools be tried out with the student in the customary environments in which they will be used?