Study/Organizational Skills

  • Instructional or  Access Area

    Standard Tools

    Modifications and Accommodations of Task and Expectations

    Assistive Technology Solutions


    Copy assignments from board

    Record assignments from   teacher dictation

    Complete assigned task within designated timelines

    Request teacher/peer     assistance when needed

    Has appropriate materials/supplies for class activities


    Instructional materials,   including software to    remediate deficit areas, to   teach compensation     strategies, and focus on strengths


    Assignment sheet provided      by peer and/or adult

    Outlines of key points

    Student schedule or checklist

    Positioning student   strategically within       classroom environment


    Student self-monitoring     sheets


    Print or picture schedule

    Organizational aids (e.g. Color coding, appointment book, etc.)

    Tape recorder

    Electronic organizer/personal digital assistant (e.g. Step Pad, PDA,, Dana)

    Computer based electronic organizer with adapted input and output provided as needed

    Speech prompting device