• Instructional or Access Area

    Standard Tools

    Modifications and Accommodations of Task and Expectations

    Assistive Technology Solutions


    Identify correctly spelled word from printed list

    Write spelling words from dictation

    Spell words orally

    Take a written spelling test

    Use spelling words   appropriately in a sentence

    Locate correctly spelled words   in a dictionary

    Complete writing tasks with correct spelling

    Identify/correct incorrectly spelled words in writing sample




    Alphabet strip

    Print dictionary

    Computer with word processing software with   built-in spell checker

    Instructional software to remediate and enhance    basic phonics and spelling skills



    Peer/adult assistance for      difficult to spell words

    Personal or custom dictionary

    Problem word list

    Reduce number of spelling     words

    Increased time for completing assignments



    Personal dry erase board for practice

    Tape recorder with difficult to spell words recorded

    Hand-held spellchecker without auditory output (e.g Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus)

    Hand-held spellchecker with auditory output (e.g. Speaking Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus)

    Portable word processor with built-in spellchecker (e.g. AlphaSmart NEO, The Writer Fusion)

    Computer with word processing program with spell check feature (e.g. Microsoft Word)

    Computer with talking word processing software containing speaking spell check (e.g. Write Out:Loud, Classroom Suite, Talking Word Processor)

    Computer with word prediction software, (e.g. Co:Writer, WordQ)