FRES Instructional Technology Information

  • Tools of Instructional Technology

    Some of the instructional technology tools we are implementing at FRES are video data projectors, document cameras / visualizers, SMART Boards (interactive boards), student response systems, digital cameras, and a variety of other tools designed to enhance the teaching and learning process. 

    Teachers are able to present concepts with greater clarity and more detail than ever before.  Students are interacting with those concepts, viewing demonstrations, participating in virtual activities that reinforce their learning, and learning to communicate with their global peers. 

    FRES has a thoughtful application request process, teacher preparation program through defined professional development opportunities, consistent instructional and technical support, and a vision of 21st teaching and learning.

    Instructional Technology

    We are currently exploring, implementing, and refining instructional technology tools for teacher and student use.  Much of what we do with students integrates the use of these tools that enhance the teaching and learning process.  We are preparing our students to be 21st century learners by providing experiences that utilize inquiry to construct knowledge, critically analyze situations and opinions, involve students in kinesthetic interaction with concepts, communicate with our global peers, and share knowledge, opinions, and conclusions with the broader community.

    Information Technology Curriculum Maps
    Our current Information Technology Curriculum Maps provide students with skills that relate to three important strands of instructional technology:
    Word Processing and Typed Communication, Presentation and Public Speaking, and Internet Literacy and Safety.

    With Web 2.0 tools becoming prevelant in how our world communicates and the value of these skills for our students, some of the updates to our Instructional Technology Curriculum Maps will include student use of blogs, wikis, and podcasting.