Unit 5: Measuring Polygons (Week 19, 7 Weeks)

Unit 5:  Measuring Polygons (2-D Geometry and Measurement)


A.  Students will describe and classify 2-dimensional figures

  • Identify attributes of polygons (K)
  • Describe triangles by the size of ther angles and the lengths of their sides (K)

B.  Students will describe and measure angles


C.  Students will find perimeter and area of rectangles

  • Describe how the perimeters and areas of rectangles change when the dimensions change (K)
  • Describe the shapes of rectangles that have the same area or the same perimeter (K)
  • Understand square units as a unit of measure (K)

D.  Students will create and describe similar shapes


E.  Students will effectively communicate through oral and written language (D)