5th Grade Science

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    Where do we get our energy?

    How does energy move through the environment?

    How are species within an ecosystem dependent upon each other?

    What factors contribute to population equilibrium?

    How do pollutants affect an ecosystem?

    What are possible solutions for limited resources within an ecosystem?

    How can an ecosystem evolve over time? (ecological succession)


    What is weather?

    What's in the air?

    What is the water cycle?

    How do you differentiate between climate and weather?

    What causes weather?

    What causes storms?

    How can humans prepare and be safe for severe weather?

    How can we forecast the weather?

    What effect does pollution have on weather?


    How does our position in the universe impact us?

    What are the impacts of the layers of the atmosphere on earth?

    What is the impact of gravity?

    How big is the universe?

    What evidence is there of predictability in the universe?

    How can it be daylight in one part of the world and nighttime in another part?

    Why does the appearance of the moon change?

    What is the role of the sun in our solar system?


    What makes up the earth's lithosphere?

    What causes changes in earth's lithosphere?