5th Grade Rocks and Minerals


Surface and Interior of the Earth:  http://www.windows2universe.org/earth/Interior_Structure/overview.html

Interior of Earth:  http://www.windows2universe.org/earth/Interior_Structure/overview.html

Structure of the Earth:  http://scign.jpl.nasa.gov/learn/plate1.htm

What makes up the earth's lithosphere?

What causes changes in earth's lithosphere?



Skills Learning Targets

  1. Identify the three types of rocks and describe their major features
  2. Identify that rocks are composed of minerals
  3. Test and sort minerals based on their physical properties
  4. Explain the dynamic processes that wear away earth's surface
  5. Model how the process of weathering breaks down rocks to form sediment
  6. Diagram the layers of the earth
  7. Diagram the rock cycle  
  8. Explain mechanical and chemical weathering
  9. Provide examples of erosion
  10. Identify the types of erosion
  11. Explain the three different kinds of plate boundaries and the resulting land formations
  12. Simulate the creation of a fossil
  13. Make observations about and discuss dating of fossils