Essential Questions

How do the geography and climate of Japan influence how the people of Japan live?

What do the people of Japan do to meet their needs (economy)?

What beliefs, ideas, celebrations, traditions, and values make up the culture of Japan?

How do the people of Japan govern themselves?

What students must be able to do:

    • Students will be able to locate Japan on a map or globe.
    • Students will identify Japan as a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean.
    • Students will be able to identify and locate the capital (Tokyo).
    • Students will discuss and read about Japan’s geography, natural resources, climate, and the population’s adaptations to those.
    • Students will take an informal assessment based on the essential knowledge taught.
    • Students will recognize Japan's influence on world economy through its exports.
    • Students will compare the exports and imports of Japan with those of the U.S.
    • Students will discuss how Japan's geography impacts its economy.
    • Compare resources, agricultural goods, and major industries of Japan with those of the U.S.
    • Compare the national holidays of Japan with the U.S.
    • Discuss the similarities and differences between the U.S. and Japan
    • Use a Venn diagram to compare the cultures
    • Write a Haiku poem, create an Appleworks painting to accompany it on computers.
    • Compare the effects of migration in the U.S. with the isolation practices of the Japanese.
    • Recognize the flag of Japan
    • Identify the branches of government
    • Compare the government of Japan with the government of the U.S.
    • Create a physical map of Japan
    • Japan Project