Energy: Electricity


Essential Question(s)

How are matter and energy related?

How can energy be changed?

Where can we find sources of energy?

How do humans utilize interactions between matter and energy?

Content Learning Targets

  •  Energy exists in various forms:
    •  Electrical Energy – energy in a closed circuit
  • Energy can be transformed from one place to another.
  • Some materials transfer energy better than others (heat and electricity):
    • conductors vs insulators
    • convection
    • radiation
  • Properties can observed with tools:
    • circuit testers
    • thermometers
  • Energy and matter interact:
    • a bulb is lighted by means of electrical current
  •  Humans utilize interactions between matter and energy:
    • electrical to sound (doorbell buzzer)
    • light to electrical (solor-powered calculator)
  • Everyday events involve one form of energy being changed to another
    • animals convert food to heat and motion
    • the Sun's energy warms the air and water
  • Humans utilize interactions between matter and energy
    • chemical to electrical, light, and heat: battery and bulb
    • electrical to sound (e.g. doorbell buzzer)
    • mechanical to sound (e.g. musical instruments, clapping)
    • light to electrical (e.g. solar-powered calculator)
  • Heat can be released in many ways, for example, by burning, rubbing (friction), or combining one substance with another
  • Interactions with forms of energy can be either helpful or harmful
    • energy (e.g. heat, light, and electricity)