4th Grade Social Studies

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    Essential Questions

    How do maps provide information about people, places, and physical and cultural environments?

    How does geography affect how and where people live in New York State?

    Skills Learning Targets
    Describe some of the geographical features in the regions of NYS.
    Students identify cardinal and intermediate directions using a compass rose.
    Students use a map key (legend) to locate places, landforms, cities, and bordering states.
    Students use map scale to determine distance between places

    Native Americans of NY
    Essential Questions

    How have the Native Americans of New York State influenced our culture and government?

    How did environmental and geographic factors influence the lives of Native Americans?

    Skills Learning Targets
    Trace the migration of Asians to North America
    List the six tribes of the Iroquois
    Locate the regions of Iroquois and Algonquian settlements
    List the important foods gathered, grown, and hunted
    Compare and contrast a longhouse, roundhouse, and wigwam
    Describe the use of natural resources in day to day survival (clothing, tools, weapons, housing, transportation)
    Explain the importance of storytelling to Native American cultures
    Connect the structure of the Iroquois Confederacy and today's U.S. government
    Relate the impact of the European settlers on the Native American culture
    Describe the clan and family structures, including the roles of family members
    Compare hunting practices of the Native Americans to those of modern day hunters.

    Exploration of NYS
    Essential Questions

    Why do people explore the unknown?

    What led European explorers to come to (what is now) the NY area?

    What were the social, cultural, economic, political and geographic impacts of exploration?

    Skills Learning Targets
    Locate Asia, Europe, and North America on map
    Identify Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, and Indian Oceans
    Trace explorers' routes through bodies of water in North America: Hudson Bay, Hudson River, St. Lawrence River, the Great Lakes, the Ohio River, Lake Champlain
    Recognize Marco Polo as the initiator of the "Age of Exploration"
    Understand how the search for the Northwest Passage led to the exploration of Canada and parts of the U.S.
    Analyze the major explorers' accomplishments by:
    - Present information showing the reasons the major explorers came to the New World, the country they represented, the routes they traveled, and important discoveries
    - Creating a timeline of exploration by the listed explorers

    Essential Questions

    What factors in Europe influenced colonization of the New World?

    How did the Dutch, English, and French influences shape New York State?

    How did the colonists depend on and modify their physical environment in their daily lives?

    What cultural similarities and differences help shape our local community, region, and state?

    Skills Learning Targets
    Locate the NY colony on a map of the 13 colonies
    Identify reasons Europeans traveled to the New World
    Compare the cultures of each of the groups that inhabited the NY (New Amsterdam) colony
    Re-enact the skills needed by colonial craftspeople
    Use replicas of some tools used during Colonial times
    Interpret political cartoons
    Write a journal entry from the perspective of a colonial child
    Describe daily life of colonists
    Compare the lives of colonial children and/or adults to those of today
    Role play interviews with colonists to empathize with different religious and cultural perspectives
    Debate the Native American perspective as they made alliances with either the colonists or the British
    Read and interpret a timeline of political events
    Compare historical maps before and after the French and Indian War

    Revolutionary War in NY State
    Essential Questions

    What was the significance of New York's geography and location in the American Revolutionary War?

    How did the Native Americans influence the war?

    How did the Revolutionary War affect life in the NY colony (Loyalists and Patriots)?

    How did the war strategy at Saratoga and other local battles affect the outcome of the war?

    Skills Learning Targets
    Compare and contrast the viewpoints of loyalists and patriots
    Identify the purpose of the Declaration of Independence
    Explain how the 13 colonies became an independent nation called the United States of America
    Read and interpret a timeline of events that occured during the Revolutionary War in NYS
    Interpret political cartoons, slogans, and symbols from the Revolutionary War era
    Interpret a map of significant battles in NY
    Create a cause/effect chart

    New Nation
    Essential Questions

    How did the Mayflower Compact, Declaration of Independence, the Constitutions of the State of NY and the United States (including the Bill of Rights) promote the development of American democracy?

    Who were the individuals and groups who helped strengthen the democracy in the United States?

    What values, practices and traditions helped unite all Americans?

    Why was writing a stateconstitution an important step for New Yorkers?

    Skills Learning Targets
    Create a chart depicting the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution
    Research project on founding father
    Write an essay explaining the importance of the Bill of Rights in your life today
    Construct a flow chart of the steps leading to the formation of the new government

    Industrial Growth & Expansion
    Essential Questions

    How did new forms of transportation affect the growth of New York?

    How did the arrival of many different groups of immigrants influence the culture of New York in the early-mid 1800's?

    How did the geography of New York State influence industrialization and expansion?

    How was daily life influenced by the inventions and technological advances of the time period?

    What economic, social, and religious factors influenced the decision to migrate or immigrate during the 1800's?

    Skills Learning Targets
    Students will simulate the Ellis Island experience
    Dramatization of Assembly Line

    Essential Questions

    What is the reason for and importance of government in the United States?

    What is the role of local, state, and federal (national) government?

    What is the structure and function of the branches of government at the local, state, and national levels?

    What are the values, principles, and symbols of American democracy?

    Skills Learning Targets