Colonial and Revolutionary Periods

Essential Questions

What factors in Europe influenced colonization of the New World?  (higher reading level)

How did the Dutch, English, and French influences shape New York State?   (higher reading level)

How did the colonists depend on and modify their physical environment in their daily lives?  

What cultural similarities and differences help shape our local community, region, and state?

Content Target Skills
Identify reasons Europeans traveled to the New World

Compare the cultures of each of the groups that inhabited the NY (New Amsterdam) colony

Re-enact the skills needed by colonial craftspeople

Interpret political cartoons

Write a journal entry from the perspective of a colonial child
Describe daily life of colonists
Compare the lives of colonial children and/or adults to those of today

Role play interviews with colonists to empathize with different religious and cultural perspectives

Debate the Native American perspective as they made alliances with either the colonists or the British

Read and interpret a timeline of political events

Compare historical maps before and after the French and Indian War

Political Cartoons:
Political Cartoons: