Unit 5: Landmarks and Large Numbers

Essential Questions

What are different ways to represent a number?

How can using number relationships help me solve addition and subtraction problems for two digit and three-digit numbers?

Content Learning Targets

Unit 5: Landmarks and Large Numbers (Number and Operations - Number Sense and Place Value, Whole Numbers - Computation - Addition and Subtraction

A. Know & understand place value in our numerical system to hundred thousand.

B. Recognize and identify the place value of digits in large numbers.

C. Demonstrates, understands, and applies knowledge of patterns (multiples of 10) as related to place value.

D. Knows a variety of strategies to compute sums and differences to five digits.

E. Understanding the action of subtractions problems.

F. Students will gain flexibility in choosing strategies when solving addition and subtraction problems. (D)

G. Students will demonstate persistence while investigating multiple strategies. (D)