5th Grade Strings

  • Instrumental Music in 5th Grade
    Orchestra rehearsals take place in the mornings on days 1 ,3 and 5 from 7:55-8:55 am beginning mid-October.  The FRES orchestra performs three times during the school year.
    Options for morning transportation include:
    • riding the early bus
    • parent drop off
    • walking or riding bikes
    Group Lessons
    In fifth grade, IM lessons are 40 minutes long once per week. The lessons are on a rotating schedule so the students do not miss the same class too often. Students are able to make up missed assignments with the help of their peers and teachers.  IM teachers are flexible when conflicts arise.  
    Instrument Rental
    Violins, violas and cellos can be rented from one of the following music stores:
    • Stringed Instrument Services, 52 North Main St., Fairport, 377-4360  
    • The String House, 1531 Monroe Ave., Rochester, 442-9272
    • Sullivan Violins, 3300 Monroe Ave., Rochester, 325-7250   
    • Delmonico & Dugdale, 421 Rockingham St, Rochester, NY 14620
    Click on a link below to see a check list of what supplies your child will need for 5th grade.
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