Supply List

  • The Jungle Supply List

    PLEASE label folders, notebooks and your binder

    in the upper right hand corner of each!

    A.  Vinyl 2-pocket folders ~ Vinyl last longer/ the paper folders will most likely need to be replaced during the year

    ¨  red with HOLES ~ to put in binder (MATH) 

    o   For those of you who are in Accelerated Math:  You will need a red folder ~ 1 inch red binder (preferably with inside pockets) ~ 1-composition notebook

    ¨  purple  (WRITING WORKSHOP)

    ¨  blue (SOCIAL STUDIES)

    ¨  green (SCIENCE)

    ¨  yellow (READING WORKSHOP)

    ¨  white (POETRY)  Paper folder (*not available in vinyl)

    B. Notebooks/Paper

    ¨  1 blue composition notebook (Social Studies)

    ¨  1 green composition notebook (Science)

    ¨  1 (any other color) composition notebook (Word Study)

    ¨  1 red three-subject spiral notebook (MATH)

    ¨  1 package of WIDE ruled notebook paper (Put 1 package in binder)

    ¨  1.5 inch binder (ANY color) Must be sturdy ~ Will be used to hold planner, math folder and loose leaf paper.

    ¨  clip-board labeled with your name

    C.  Pens/Pencils etc..

    ¨  12 sharpened pencils

    ¨  2 large pink erasers (erasers on pencils never last very long)

    ¨  4 blue or black pens

    ¨  4 red pens

    ¨  2 highlighters

    ¨  colored pencils, crayons, or fine point markers (JUST CHOOSE ONE)

    D.  Other:

    ¨  scissors

    ¨  pencil case (small to fit in desk)

    ¨  two glue sticks

    ¨  Post–It notes (at least 1½’”) (No larger than 2”)

    ¨  Thesaurus ~ Optional but HELPFUL

    ¨  DICTIONARY TO KEEP AT HOME! (Even though computers have dictionaries, we will assign homework that helps to develop skills that benefit from dictionary use.)

    ¨  *flash drive (optional: but definitely helpful)


    ¨  BOX OF TISSUES