Homework Expectations

  • 1.  Homework is an integral part of a student's learning. Assignments are a way for me to reinforce skills I am teaching in the classroom. It is important that students complete assignments each night and return them to the classroom on the date they are due.
    • Homework should not take more than 45 minutes (time on task).  This does not include the 20 minutes of reading.
    • There is a column in the planner to place a checkmark next to the assignment when it is finished. I will be looking to see if these checkmarks are recorded.

    • It is also very important that students are using their homework planners each night to record their assignments. Parents should be signing planners each night after checking to see if the students have completed their homework.

    2.  The students' homework assignments will be fairly consistent from week to week...

    *Math homework will be assigned each night Monday through Thursday.

    *A spelling list will be sent home on Day 1 of Cycle.  Your child will be encouraged to study these words and get into a routine of word study practice.  Day 5: Take a practice test and practice writing any misspelled words until you get them right.  Test is on Day 6.

    *Students should also be reading for at least twenty minutes at home each night .