• What will 3rd graders be doing in reader's and writer's workshop?

                  READER'S WORKSHOP:
    In reader's workshop we will be discussing strategies that good readers use while reading.  These strategies help them gain a better understanding of what they read.
    • Prediciting/Inferring
    • Decoding/Phonics
    • Monitoring/Clarifying
    • Questioning
    • Evaluating
    • Summarizing

                  WRITER'S WORKSHOP
    6+1 Traits of Writing:  Traits of good writing include:

    Ideas: A clear point, message, theme or storyline, backed by important, carefully chosen details and supportive information.

    Organization:  How a piece of writing is structured and ordered.

    Voice:  The fingerprints of the writer on the page - the writer's own special, personal style coming through in the words, combined with concern for the informational needs and interests of the audience.

    Word Choice:  Language, phrasing, and the knack for choosing the "just right" word to get the message across.

    Sentence Fluency: The rhythm and sound of the writing as it's read aloud.

    Conventions:  Editorial correctness and attention to any detail a copy editor would review.

    Presentation:  A look that is pleasing to the eye.

                                  ~Northwest Regional Educational laboratory