• This year we will be learning about:

    Magnets- During the unit, students will explore magnets and discover their scientific properties.  We will learn about:  Magnetic fields, polarity, temporary vs. permanent magnets and what magnets attract/repel.

    Weather- This unit will teach students how to measure and record their observations.  We will take a close look at:  wind, clouds, precipitation, the water cycle, tornadoes, hurricanes and more!

    Plant Growth and Development- Students will be planting seeds and observing them as they grow.  They will also study the anatomy of a flower and what pollination is and why it is so important.

    Systems- The students will learn about interactions and systems in our every day lives.  They will investigate separating a mixture of solids and the interaction between BTB and acids.

    Throughout the year, we will also learn more about the scientific method.