English Language Arts

  • As we embark on a new reading and/or writing unit, we will update you on this page.  The links below will take you to some great ELA themed links.

    September Genre of the Month:
    Each month students will be required to read a book from a different genre. A book cart is reserved in the library for students to choose that "just right" book. Mrs. DuBois will be checking in with each student's progress and encourages students to carve out time to read each day.  Watch for details about the project connected with this book.

    During the month of October and November students in both classes will be forming novel reading groups as we focus on the theme of How do people overcome challenges?  

    Learn about plot structure, character development and theme as we continue to strengthen comprehension, writing, and vocabulary development.

    Independent Project:
    Students will attend a book talk with our librarian, Mrs. Koch to hear about books from our library where the main character is faced with a challenge.   Students have a notetaking sheet to keep track of story structure, character development and theme to update as they read.  Students should make a goal of finishing the book by the end of October to allow themselves enough time to work on the project.

    Plot Poster Project:
    See details in attachment.