Getting to Know My Teachers - Mrs. DuBois and Mrs. Widor are looking forward to meeting you!

  • Mrs. DuBois loves being a teacher and she loves teaching fifth graders. In fact, she used to be a fifth grader a long time ago when she attended Congressional Elementary in Maryland. 
    When she is not teaching she enjoys doing theater by either performing onstage or helping backstage.
    Mrs. DuBois lives in Brighton and has a daughter, Alice and a son, David who are now all grown up and living in Los Angeles and Washington D.C. respectively. The DuBois family loves to travel together and she is looking forward to retuning to Paris the summer of 2017.
    Every day when Mrs. DuBois goes home, she looks forward to playing with Stella, her German Shepherd.  Stella is four years old and loves people and playing ball and