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  • Welcome to Fifth Grade!


    Welcome to Mrs. Widor’s 5th grade classroom!  I hope that your summer is going well for you and your family.  It’s hard to believe we’ll be starting school in just a few weeks and that your 5th grade adventure is just around the corner. This school year will provide you with some of the most exciting learning experiences you’ve ever had.  You’ll be a member of a fantastic team and make many great friends.  You will see what I mean when you arrive to school on our first day of school- Wed., Sept. 5th.  Room 220 is your new homeroom number.  I am anxious to welcome you to our team and to fifth grade.

    I have been working hard preparing for our school year and here are a few bits of information I can share.  I will be your teacher for Grade 5 Math, English/Language Arts and Social Studies.  My teaching partner, Mrs. DuBois will be your teacher for science and for students taking Grade 5 ES Math.  Mrs. Michelle Close will also be teaming with us and some of you may visit her classroom for word study.  As a team, we will all work together help you switch classes and keep your materials and assignments organized during transition times in preparation for 6th grade.

    One way I plan to learn more about you is by having you complete this first assignment.  Please take some time to prepare an “artifact bag”.  All you need to do is find three small items that represent your interests and who you are.  Place these items in a small, unlabeled paper bag. Then, write your name on a slip of paper to put inside.  Be sure to keep your items a secret from your friends.  If you are a baseball fan, you might include a baseball card. A bookmark could symbolize an interest in reading.  Be creative!

    I have enclosed a copy of Mrs. Widor’s supply list you will need for your 5th grade year.   Remember, all fifth graders will be receiving a school planner on the first day of school. I welcome you to refer to my classroom website for information about the school year, classroom routines and other tidbits about myself, and the coming year.  I am looking forward to getting to know you and to spending a great year together.  Enjoy the remaining days of summer!                                                                      


    Your teacher,

    Mrs. Renee Widor




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