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  • Dear Students,

        We are beginning our classroom blog for our Historical Fiction Unit!  We will be posting questions that are generated from both myself, as well as several that will be generated from your "Big Questions" in your literature groups.  When you respond to the questions, be sure to include the title of your book within the first sentence, spell check your entries and pay attention to the capitalization, grammar & punctuation.  I also check each entry before it's posted to be sure that it is appropriate in its content and to be sure that no personal information has been included 
        Have fun and be thorough in your responses!                             
                                                           :) Ms. Bethlendy

    1. Historical Fiction - Explain the significance of the historical time frame in your story. What is the setting and time period of your story? What hardships exist for your main character due to the events of the time period in which s/he lives?
    2. Survival Unit