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    Welcome!   I'm glad you are here :)  


    Here is  some information about how the library works at Council Rock:


    Each class comes once per cycle.   We will have fun,  explore books and electronic resources, support classroom learning and generally enjoy hanging out together.  CRPS Library Schedule 2019-20


    • Kindergarteners will check out one book at a time

    • First graders may have two

    • Second graders can take three books

    Children may return their book and get a new one the next time their class comes to Library, OR anytime, really. As long as it is okay with the teacher, it’s okay with us.

    If a student forgets their book on Library day we won’t be mad! They won’t be able to get a new book, though. We will print a reminder, with a picture of the book, so everyone at home can look for it. As soon as they bring in their old book they may get a new one (as above, we welcome students anytime).

    If a book  is well and truly lost, we will send a bill home, so that we may replace the book. If the book is found after that, please bring it in, and we’ll arrange for a refund (after doing a happy dance, of course!).  For detailed procedure, click here:  

    If a book is damaged, please send it in right away – we may be able to save it! If not, a replacement bill will be sent home.

    For more details about our procedure for lost or damaged books, click here:   CRPS Procedure for Lost or Damaged Library Books Info


    If you would like to volunteer in the library, we would love to have you – just contact our PTSA Volunteer Coordinator Miranda: miranda.j.stefano@gmail.com or call/text: (585) 200-2287.


    Adele Mockevicius, Council Rock Librarian


    (585) 242-5170

    Lori Trovato, Teaching Assistant

    :)  Ms. Mockevicius


    Universe of Stories

     Don't forget to bring in your blue GREAT JOB ticket from the Brighton Memorial Library if you finished BML's Summer Learning Program!




    Check out the Summer Learning Program at the Brighton Memorial Library:

    Summer Learning


    Council Rock Primary School Suggested Reading:

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    grace lin visit

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