What we do


    School based counseling support may be appropriate if your child’s academics or overall school experience are being negatively impact by social or emotional difficulties occurring at school.

    You may want to reach out to your child’ counselor if:

    • There are challenges at home that are impacting their school experience. 
    • You have concerns regarding their social or emotional well-being at school. 
    • You would like suggestions or help with supporting your child at home with social or emotional needs.

    Counseling services include:

    • Individual and Group Counseling: We provide individual and group counseling as needed to support with social skills, family change, anxiety, friendship development, and peer conflict resolution. 
    • Crisis Intervention: We provide support for students and/or families as they experience acute crisis sutations by working with the child at school and/or providing referrals for the family for clinical support. 
    • Classroom lessons: Our team delivers social-emotional learning lessons throughout the school year to all students.
    • Consultation: We meet regularly with teachers, administrators, parents, and student support teams to collaborate on supporting classrooms and students and provide referrals for outside of school support when necessary. We also consult and are a part of the Committee on Special Education. 
    • Supervision of our Primary Project program: We meet regularly with our Primary Project Child Associates to assess student functioning and needs and to communicate with parents as necessary.