Interactive Writing

  • Interactive Writing

    What is Interactive Writing?

    “Interactive Writing is a dynamic, collaborative literacy event in which children actively compose together, considering words, phrases, organization of text and layout. {It} provides powerful demonstrations of writing that help young children make progress in their own writing. Using interactive writing, teachers not only show children how writing works but invite them to participate, with support, in the act of writing.” – Carrier, Pinnell, & Fountas (2000)
    • Can be used for many purposes (writing stories, writing directions, informational text, labels, etc.)
    • Can be applied to any content area and used at any time during the school day
    • Provides a context within which a teacher can provide direct and explicit instruction in composing text, scaffold students as they explore conventions of print, and help students understand how words work.

     Structuring Interactive Writing 

    Interactive Writing can be done in a whole group setting.

    • Gather in an open area around easel
    • Create an authentic reason and audience for writing
    • Talk and negotiate with students about what to write
    • Scribe and invite students to share the pen
    • Model reading strategies by talking and thinking aloud
    • Read and reread the message continually
    • Build on individual student abilities