Shared Writing

  • Shared Writing


    What is Shared Writing?

     Shared Writing is a teaching process where the teacher and the children write the text together.  The pen is shared between teacher and children to involve children in the writing process.  The teacher controls the pen but invites the children to write parts that they know and the teacher fills in the unknown.  The teacher uses chart paper or a whiteboard, markers and white correction tape. Additionally, shared writing can be the result of a group conversation about ideas, composing, content, organization, voice and conventions.

    Structuring Shared Writing  

    Shared writing can be done in a whole group setting or a small group setting.  The teacher generally begins with a teaching objective derived from something she’s noticed about the writing behaviors of the group or a new concept she’d like to introduce.  A shared writing lesson may be organized in the following manner:

    • Teacher selects a teaching point.   “As I've read your writing I’ve noticed ________”
    • Teacher models the new strategy.   “Let me show you how writers ________
    • Teacher provides opportunities for students to practice the strategy with guidance.  “Let’s try this out as we write together”
    • Teacher reminds students to practice the strategy when they write independently.  “Remember to practice what you've learned as you write with your partners or by yourself.”
    • Teacher assesses student use of the strategy, looking for opportunities for students to share their new learning or opportunities to re-teach.