Writer's Workshop

  • Writer's Workshop

    What is Writer's Workshop?

    Writer's Workshop is a framework for writing instruction and practice in the classroom. Typically about 45-50 minutes long, Writer's Workshop follows a predictable pattern during which teachers engage students in the following components: 
    Minilessons (5-10 minutes)
    Independent Writing (20-30 minutes)
    Conferencing with students (during independent writing)
    Sharing (5-10 minutes) 

    • Writer's Workshop occurs daily
    • Students determine the topics they will write about
    • Students use a notebook or folder to organize their writing
    • Students within the same class may be at varying stages of the writing process
    • The teacher takes on the role of facilitator...circulating throughout the room, monitoring, conferring, and providing help as needed.

    Benefits of Writer's Workshop

    • Prioritizes writing instruction
    • There is no time with students wasted waiting for other students to finish because each student work at his or her own pace
    • Students develop independence and motivation to develop as writers
    •  Students learn to develop their own writing in order to improve it
    • The more children write...and write about what really matters to them...the greater their chances of growing into independent and critical thinkers
    • Sets a collaborative tone in the classroom
    • Addresses the need for differentiated instruction

    "We need to teach every child to write. Almost every day, every K-5 child needs between 50 and 60 minutes for writing and writing instruction."

    Lucy Calkins A Guide to the Writing Workshop Grade 3-5 pg 7