Reading Comprehension

  • Here are some suggestions for you to use while reading with your child. Remember, it is OK for your child to struggle a little bit. He or she won’t know every word. You want your child to engage in strategic activity and be able to problem solve when things do get a little tricky. Most of all…have fun with the reading!


    • Look at the cover and pictures and have your child make predictions. 
      • What will the story be about?
      • Who are the characters?
      • Talk about what the problem in the story is and set the purpose for your child to solve the problem.
      • Remind your child to use reading strategies
        • Think about the story and what would make sense
        • Use picture clues
        • Point to words while reading (Mostly in Kindergarten)
        • Look for known word parts


    • If your child get stuck on a word, ask him or her:
      •  “What would make sense?”
      • Encourage your child to use phonic skills to look for parts in words that are unfamiliar to them. For example, if the word is “book” your child might know the word “look” and you can point out that that is a known word part
    • If your child tries a couple of strategies and it isn’t having success, provide the word for your child so that he or she won't struggle.
    • Encourage your child to have fun while reading with expression.
    • Ask more questions to aid with comprehension:
      • How do you think the character is feeling in this part of the story?
      • How do you know?
      • Why do you think the character is feeling that way?


    • Talk about the story
    • Ask questions about the predictions that were made before reading
      • Extend thinking by asking: If there was another page to this story, what do you think would happen next?
    • Share your thoughts and ideas about funniest characters or interesting parts of the story and invite your child to do the same.