• The object of the Primary Physical Education program is to develop each child's skills in a safe and successful environment. All students at Council Rock will be given the opportunity to be involved in activities which expand and educate the mind as well as the body. Throughout the year we will be focusing on developing fundamental locomotor skills, coordination skills, manipulation skills and perceptual skills. Instruction is delivered through individual practice opportunities, partner work, small group activities and low organizational large group games. The equipment used is developmentally appropriate to encourage participation, enhance confidence and ensure success. We will be using many of the concepts introduced in the classroom are integrated into the PE program and will be reinforced kinesthetically.

    The P.E. curriculum will focus on:

    1. Movement Concepts              


      1. Body Awareness - Parts, shapes, movements
      2. Space Awareness - Self, general, directions, levels, pathways, extensions
      3. Effort - Speed, force, flow
      4. Relationships - to objects or others, to partners
    2. Locomotor SchoolCenter Picture
      1. Skipping, galloping, hopping
      2. Chasing, fleeing, and dodging
      3. Jumping and Landing
    3. Non-Locomotor
      1. Balancing
      2. Rolling
      3. Weight transfer
    4. Manipulative          SchoolCenter Picture            SchoolCenter Picture             


      1. Kicking
      2. Throwing
      3. Catching
      4. Dribbling
      5. Striking
      6. Volleying
    5. Fitness                                 SchoolCenter Picture
      1. Cardiovascular endurance
      2. Muscle strength
      3. Flexibility
      4. Healthy habits - nutrition
    6. Other                                                     SchoolCenter Picture
      1. Parachute
      2. Gymnastics
      3. Rhythms and dance
      4. Teamwork
      5. Cooperation
      6. Personal goal setting

    In addition to physical and cognitive development, we strive to foster teamwork, cooperation, social skills, personal go al setting, and the character development that is crucial to becoming productive members of our schools and our society. The students will be working on improving cardiovascular endurance, strength, flexibility as well as learning about healthy habits and the muscles and bones that make up the human body.

    The first and second grade students participate in physical fitness testing twice a year. This program is the Physical Best Test. The test is presented in a manner that stresses personal goal setting and self- improvement. The children participate in a 1/4 mile run/walk, a 1 minute sit-up test, a bent arm hang for time and a hamstring flexibility test. Scores are recorded in the fall and children set a goal to improve in the spring. Progress reports are sent home with the classroom report cards in June for the first grade students and in March for second graders.

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