• "Gym-NEWS-ium" items relate to activities and concepts the students are exploring in their physical education program. Please click on the red "Gym-NEWS-ium" above to see the related files below for ideas we use in class that can also be used at home.


    Family Activity Calendars

    Each Month in Physical Education students have been given a Family Activity Calendar for some added ideas how to have fun and be active outside the classroom. To save on the waste of paper we have decided to attach them electronically to this website and to Mr. Tappon's Parents letter at the beginning of each month. Students have the option to can take the challenge to try to complete as many of the squares as possible. The challenges and activities practice some of the skills learned in class while giving families time together. Please visit the attachment below if you are interested in participating in this activity. If you are unable to print out the calendars, have your child see Mrs. Cooper or Mrs. Forsyth.

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