Health & Wellness Word Of The Week

  • How to "BEE" in P.E. Word Of The Week 

    1. Healthy: being in good health
    2. Active: engaged in action or movements
    3. A Good Sport: It means to have good sportsmanship and not to be a sore loser or "sore winner". (If you boast about winning or blame someone of cheating when you lose, you're not being a good sport)
    4. A Team Player: a person who includes all teammates while playing a game; puts the "team or group" goals first before their individual goals; you're a good team-mate; you follow the rules.
    5. Respectful: marked by or showing respect to others
    6. Cooperative: a willingness and ability to work with others, or the action of cooperating for a common effort. 
    7. A Good Listener: to pay attention in order to hear and follow advice
    8. Prepared: to make ready beforehand for some purpose, use, or activity.  Good Examples: Having sneaker and wearing clothes you can move in each day in PE.
    9. Polite: showing consideration and courtesy
    10. Helpful: providing help

    Definitions from Merriam & Webster Dictionary   
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