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Dr. Callard

September, 2017

Dear Math 6ES Students,

Welcome to TCMS…and Math 6ES!  Since I am asking you to write about yourself as your first journal assignment, I thought I would tell you a little bit about myself.

As you know, my name is Mrs. (Cindy) Callard (rhymes with “mallard”).  My husband John and I live in Fairport.  We have 3 children, a dog (named Sox – after the Red Sox!) and a cat (named Fiona). 

Our eldest, Bridget, is a junior at NC State in Raleigh, North Carolina.  She has always loved animals, and is in a pre-vet program.  Our next oldest, Andrew just started his freshman year at the University at Buffalo studying architecture.  And our youngest, Jack, just started his senior year! He is thinking about where he wants to study next year, and is interested in physics or engineering. 

My husband John is a school counselor at Webster Thomas High School.  So he’s making sure that kids are taking the right classes in order to graduate and helping them to think about colleges, work, etc.

I started teaching in Brighton right after I finished my Master’s Degree in the fall of 1988.  So this is the beginning of my 30th year in Brighton!  That seems so crazy to me!  Besides teaching you in Math 6ES, I work at the University of Rochester in the Warner Graduate School of Education.  My work there is with current and future math teachers – helping them to think about and work on improving “the teaching of math”!   And so we will probably have a few visitors this year who will be interested in the work that you are doing in math!

I have always loved math myself, although what I used to love about it is not what I love about it now.  When I was in middle school and high school, I used to love how math was so “straightforward” and “step by step.”  But when I got to college and graduate school I learned that this was not always the case.  So now what I love about math is the different ways that people can think about the same problem – and all be right!  For example, if you had to figure out what 32 – 17 is without writing anything down, I bet there would be at least 3 or 4 different ways of thinking about it.  But when I went to school, I only knew one!  So I am learning things ALL the time – just like you.  I have grown to love this about math!

I am really looking forward to getting to know each of you this year and to working with you in math and finding out how you solve new problems.  I expect you to work hard, but know that if you EVER need any help or have a question, just let me know.  I am happy to help any time.

I’m looking forward to a GREAT year!

Mrs. Callard