• construction update

    Council Rock Construction Schedule for June 21 to July 7

    Below is the anticipated schedule for construction at Council Primary School for June 21 through July 7.

    • The South addition foundation work is at 50 percent in the B3 (East side) area.
    • Under slab mechanical work will continue in the B2 (South side) area.
    • Excavation and backfilling will be ongoing as they build the foundations.
    • Concrete and steel deliveries will be ongoing.
    • Steel erection in the B2 area is 80 percent complete. The B1 (West side) area is 95 percent complete.
    • Masonry walls will continue in the B2 area and begin in the B3 area.
    • North side storm sewer work will begin.

    Please note that our schedules are accurate but are always subject to change based on many factors and opportunities.