• September 2017 Update 

    The community approved the Brighton Facilities Improvement Plan in May of 2017. We are currently in the design phase. The District hopes to submit plans to the State Education Department by April 1, 2018. The State Education Department’s review and approval process is expected to take about 9 months. The District would then go into the bid phase at the beginning of 2019 with construction beginning in the spring of 2019. The District is hoping to begin construction on the turf field and roof at Brighton High School earlier than that, with the hope that it could be completed in the summer of 2018.


    The design phase has three parts: schematic design, design development, and construction document design. Below is a chart showing what is included in each of those areas.


    As the District gathered input from stakeholder groups, two key decision points were identified. At Twelve Corners Middle School, there are concerns about capacity for the music program due to the large number of students participating. The District is continuing to look at the auditorium to see what options there are to address this. At Council Rock Primary School, the District is making sure the expansion is preparing the building for potential long-term changes.

    The design on the left is what was presented to the community during the 2016-17 school year. While discussing the possibilities of increased enrollment or a need to further expand the building, the architects came up with the revision on the right. This revision creates more square footage while leaving room for potential expansion.

    Council Rock Revision

    The District is also looking at different scenarios for expanding at Council Rock if it is deemed to be necessary in the future. The decisions we make now would affect our options in the future. Option 1 would allow for the District to add 4 to 6 more classrooms, option 2 would allow for 6 to 8 more classrooms, and option 3 would allow for a second floor to be added to Council Rock.

    three options Below are renderings of what a two-story Council Rock building would look like, if it is deemed to be necessary in the future. The District will continue to discuss this to determine what the right decision is.

    CRPS Renderings

    Next, the District will finish information gathering for the BHS science department and the FRES Cafetorium. We are currently considering retractable seating for the Cafetorium (pictured below). The District is awaiting Campus Construction’s budget reconciliation for the schematic design phase and will continue to evaluate decision points that have long-term implications.
    cafetorium seating